Dr. Said Samra and Dr. Salem Samra just returned from a one-week medical mission in Amman, Jordan to provide surgical treatment to Syrian refugees in need. In coordination with the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS), Dr. Said and Dr. Salem hand-delivered approximately $100,000 in medical aid and equipment to a local charity hospital treating Syrian refugees in Jordan. This included a dermatome and mesher (skin grafting instruments), negative pressure wound therapy supplies (wound VAC supplies), and acellular dermal matrices (tissue-engineered biological grafts).

After the initial day screening patients, they operated everyday, performing 34 procedures on 15 patients. The patients ranged in age from small children to adults and presented with war wounds, burns, hand, and facial injuries. Surgeries included lower extremity reconstruction, reconstruction of facial deformities, complex flap closure of pressure ulceration, tendon transfer, contracture release with skin grafting, and nerve reconstruction with nerve grafting among others.

The doctors are grateful to SAMS and the Jordanian authorities for allowing them to contribute to the care of a people in desperate need. Given the magnitude of the crisis, their efforts only scratch the surface of need for plastic surgery among Syria’s injured and displaced. However the doctors are hopeful that they will be able to serve in future missions, and optimistic that their work may inspire others to help.