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We will create custom beauty plans for the bride, bridal party, and groom. Call us today to set up your free consultation with our licensed and highly trained aestheticians in Monmouth County. Most treatment programs extend over a period of several weeks or months, so don’t delay!


  • Skin assessment – We will determine your skin type, any possible skin conditions, and the best regimen.
  • Get monthly facials to prep for clear and radiant skin.
  • Waxing – We’ll get to know your skin so there are no red or splotchy areas on your big day.
  • Monthly massages help you to stay calm during the stressful months leading up to your wedding day.
  • Botox and fillers – Set up Botox appointments every 3 months leading up to your wedding to keep forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet and frown lines at bay. Use fillers to rejuvenate around your nose and mouth and to plump your lips.
  • A chemical peel will remove dead skin to reveal a fresh, new layer.
  • Monthly SkinPen treatments will induce natural collagen production to plump skin from the inside out.
  • Microdermabrasion will exfoliate the outer layer of dead skin. They can be performed after a peel or all by themselves. This allows our top-of-the-line medical grade skin care products to penetrate deeper into your skin thereby further reducing fine lines and wrinkles so your makeup sits flawlessly.
  • A Salt Facial can help with acne, stress breakouts, fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage as well as hydrate your skin and reduce pore size.
  • Lash Extensions are a must! You won’t want to mess with runny mascara on the most important day of your life. Create a lash extension schedule all the way up to your big day.
  • CoolSculpting or Vanquish fat elimination therapies will reduce those stubborn bulges so your dress falls perfectly.
  • Microblading – if you need your eyebrows fixed or are tired of eyebrow pencils or filling in gaps, this semi-permanent treatment can fill and reshape.
  • Permanent makeup – if you want to avoid drippy eyeliner or prefer not to keep applying lipstick on your big day.
  • Laser hair removal can help you ditch your razor, especially before your honeymoon.
  • Laser vein therapy can remove spider veins anywhere on your face or body.

For the family…

  • Mother-of-the-Bride may opt for Ultherapy to provide a natural lift for face and neck.
  • Father-of-the-Bride might like a quick treatment of Botox for flawless family photos.


  • Receive a facial one week before your wedding for the perfect glow.
  • For brides wearing a low-back dress or wearing swimwear on the honeymoon, receive our back facial at least five days prior to the big day to ensure that any redness has calmed for clear skin. 
  • Come in for your bikini, underarm, leg, and brow waxing at least 2-3 days before the wedding day. 
  • Schedule a calming massage to de-stress. 
  • Spray tan at least 2-3 days before your wedding day for the perfect glow.
  • Get your lashes filled.

While You’re Busy Finishing Up Last Minute Details…

  • Tell your family and friends to book a spa treatment while they are in town to give them something to do! 


  • In the morning, do a light exfoliation to prep your facial and body skin for a flawless makeup application softness, and radiance.
  • Follow up, with the skincare regimen we’ve set up for you before applying makeup and getting your hair done.

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