IMG_06761. What first made your consider surgery?
“Well, after working out for years and not seeing the results I had hoped for, I realized that my appearance was changed forever after giving birth and breastfeeding two children.”

2. How long did you research your options before making a decision?
“I researched for about 6 months, and then contemplated for a year.”

3. How did you search for surgical options?
“I did some research on Google and then a good friend suggested seeing Dr. Samra at Samra Plastic Surgery”

4. How many surgeons did you consult with? Was it difficult to choose?
“It was actually very easy to choose because the others were pushy with implants. I felt rushed, and they did not explain things in great detail. After meeting Dr. Asaad Samra, I walked out of the office with my mind already made up. I was blown away. He was very friendly. I felt relaxed and at ease. That was very important to me in making this decision.”

5. What was your experience like scheduling your procedure? How was the preparation actual day of surgery, follow up appointments, etc?
“Scheduling was very smooth. All the information was emailed to me. The day of surgery, I was calm because I knew I was in good hands. I liked the anesthesiologist as well. He was friendly and listened to my concerns. Follow up appointments all went very well and all my questions were answered.”

6. How did your results compare to your expectations? Would you change anything?
“I am thrilled with my results! I didn’t anticipate looking like I do. I look exactly like I did prior to having children. I have a few minor scars, but it is worth the trade-off. I really like the way I look. I would not change anything. I am very active so breast implants were not a good idea for my lifestyle.”

7. How do you feel now? What activities do you enjoy post surgery?
Initially, I had some anxiety about recovery from watching too many YouTube videos. I felt pretty good by day 5-post surgery. I was a little sore on the abdominal area. I was able to move around freely by the two-week mark. I think after the 2nd month I was fully recovered. I had some slight numbness around the navel but not bad. I have been running, spinning, hiking, resistance band training, and very lightweight training and going to Zumba class. I haven’t lifted any weights yet and of course no cross fit training as of yet.*