Q. What prompted you to consider Vanquish?

A. I’d seen some of the advertisements and I thought if it was something that could decrease the size of my waist that that would be something I’d be interested in because I work out a lot and that’s one of my goals; to have a small waist.

Q. How far apart was it recommended that you book your sessions?

A. It was once a week which worked really well with my schedule.

Q. How much time were you told to block out for each session?

A. I was told an hour so in and out very quickly. So, you could easily fit it into a lunch hour if you wanted to.

Q. What were you asked to wear or not wear?

A. I was asked to wear athletic comfortable clothes. Basically, my stomach was showing so I had to be able to pull down pants and pull up my shirt but I did come in once with my work clothes and that worked out just fine as well.

Q. Where there any other guidelines you were given?

A. I was told to drink a lot of water before and after (to stay hydrated).

Q. What were your concerns at your first session while the machine was being set up and the procedure administered?

A. I was nervous that it was going to hurt. I know it’s heat based so I was afraid of getting burned but all those worries were alleviated.

Q. Was the procedure comfortable? What did it feel like?

A. Yes, very. It actually didn’t feel like anything. It was warm. It definitely heated me up and for this time of year that was great. It was really relaxing and I was able to take a little nap, in fact.

Q. What was your experience like at our office when it came to booking all your appointments?

A. The staff here is great so booking appointments was easy and they always call me the day before to remind me which I need that reminder so it was nice.

Q. Once you arrived how was the check-in process?

A. It was easy. I went to the Samra Plastic Surgery to meet with the woman and then we walked over and started the process.

Q. How did you feel about the aesthetician performing the procedure?

A. Great. I really love the staff here and she was amazing. She really made me feel comfortable the first time and explained everything to me. So, I felt really at ease.

Q. How do you feel about how we answered your questions and concerns?

A. Excellent. I asked what I needed to wear, how it was going to feel, how long was going to take and I was walked through the process really well.

Q. How do you feel about recommending Samra Plastic Surgery to your family and friends?

A. I always recommend Samra Plastic Surgery to my family and friends. I love the doctors here and the staff. Before I ever came here I had gone to 5 other surgeons for consultations and when I came here I knew this was where I wanted to be.